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The Space Fortuna’s Loyalty program
Get ready for an extraordinary voyage into space punctuated by exploring exoplanets and their riches!
Free Spins & Bonus money...The best rewards in the galaxy await you throughout your journey, on every exoplanet you reach, and for every light-year you run through!
five planets
How to take part in the ExoTour?
A single real money bet placed on Space Fortuna will automatically qualify you for the Exo-Tour. Then, keep playing on your favourite games and start progressing!
What’s the ExoTour route?
Your ExoTour will pass through the following five amazing exoplanets mentioned on the map above. Each of them is 5 light-years distant from the other: Dagon / Ogma / Cervantes / Veritate / Titawin.
How to progress in the ExoTour?
• Your progress within the ExoTour is based on your assiduity, also called loyalty. Indeed, the more you play, the more you progress on the route, with one point rewarded for every €100 real money placed on Space Fortuna’s games. These points are the fuel you need to go further!
• You will receive 1 point for each €100 wagered. Important: only bets in real funds will be taken into consideration!
the second one will be added on Wednesday, and the third one - on Thursday.
Whenever you achieve multiple levels in one day, make sure to login at least once a day over
the course of the next few days to claim all of your prizes
• Rewards are given as playable funds (Bonus, Free Spins)
• You can level up several times a day, but you can only activate one prize at a time! You will be informed via email every time you reach а new level.
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