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About Us

Once upon a time in the deep universe…

2022. After the discovery of the most distant galaxy ever observed by the James Webb telescope, international scientists decided to analyse the pictures. They quickly draw an unimaginable conclusion: yes, these planets in the centre of the photo are definitely inhabited by something!


As soon as they heard about this, worldwide governments decided to act and voted unanimously to classify this discovery as secret defense. “We cannot release this information to the public until we are certain it is not a threat. In which case, we are heading straight for chaos," said the managers in charge of the project, so called the “EVA” project.

The mission

After 8 years of work in absolute secrecy, the special agency "Synthetic Insights Ltd" in charge of the EVA project declares the time has come to implement its mission. 10 ships, each with a single crew member, will set sail for these new planets. Their goal is to get in touch with their inhabitants and ensure that they represent no threat and perhaps even a land of welcome for humanity in decline.

Commander Eva

You need to know something else: the "EVA" project is not the only one to be top secret-classified. Indeed, the special agency Synthetic Insights Ltd has been working for several years on another crucial technological development: an army of Androids, equipped with superior artificial intelligence and human face. These next-generation robots will make up all of the 10 crew members of the mission. Eva is one of them. Her personal destination: the planet "Space Fortuna”.

Earth, do you copy?

"Earth, do you copy? This is Eva from the Nexus ship. Reply, please." Eva has been repeating this sentence for 3 days already, the date of her awakening…

2100. It's been 88 years since Eva flew aboard her Nexus ship. In standby mode since takeoff to save her batteries, she no longer has any contact with the special agency Synthetic Insights Ltd, nor with any of the other ships of the mission. Whatever, Eva is programmed to follow her mission and will have to achieve it alone.

Speaking of missions, the planet "Space Fortuna" is now within sight. The landing, or rather the Space Fortuning is now immediate…

My name’s Sparky…

Here she is. Eva finally puts her foot of steel on Space Fortuna and what she discovers here seems to exceed all the Synthetic Insights Ltd agency's expectations. Indeed, a horizon of promotions and bonuses is in front of her eyes. An atmosphere of victories and limitless fun never seen before. "How to take advantage of all these wonders?" She says to herself. That is when an inhabitant of this planet so promising approaches. "Hello, my name is Sparky". "Follow me. I'll show you how to enjoy the best gaming experience in the universe..."