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Dear Clients, playing responsibly is awesome, but when getting out of control, your hobby can become a dangerous habit with disastrous consequences. Moderation should always be in the picture while gambling.

Our Space Team takes responsible gaming very seriously, and we’ve been putting this page up to help you identify the symptoms of compulsive gambling behaviour.

All of Space Fortuna’s agents are fully trained in identifying compulsive gambling behaviour, and they will do their utmost to assist you if needed. An under-controlled player is a happier player.

And to ensure that no individual under legal age accesses our services, our Space Team will perform regular verifications and checks. Entering incorrect and/or dishonest information about your identity will void all winnings but may also lead to civil and/or criminal prosecution.

To prevent any child/minor from accessing the website, we recommend that you install and use website filtering software on any device they can use. You will, then, be able to control or block the displayed content, prevent https://spacefortuna1.com from being accessed and set up passwords. An underage player is not a real player yet.

Space Fortuna is committed to endorsing responsible gaming as a policy of customer care and social responsibility. Our Space Team is convinced that it is our responsibility to you, our players, to ensure that your gaming experience on our site remains enjoyable while being fully aware of the harms associated with compulsive gambling.  

KEEP CONTROL: A good player is a wise player

Gambling must be considered a fun pastime, and never a means to generate income. While most people can gamble with their means, it’s not that easy for some, and it can quickly become an issue. To keep control, please have a look at the following:

Gambling must be considered as an entertainment and not as a way to make money  

  • Avoid chasing losses.  
  • Only gamble when you can afford it.  
  • Keep track of the money and the time you spent playing.  
  • Do not borrow money to gamble.  
  • Take frequent breaks while playing.  
  • Do not play when you’re depressed or upset.  
  • Always keep in mind that temporary or definitive exclusion is an option available on your account through the My Account section.

There are organizations about compulsive gambling behaviours which can help you. You will find them detailed below.  

MAKE YOUR Space Fortuna ACCOUNT PERSONAL: Choose your limits

At Space Fortuna Casino, we give you the following choices to make your account more personal:

  • Limit the amount you will be allowed to place in a single betting round: if you try to place a bet higher than this set limit, the system does not allow you to place your bet.
  • Limit the amount you are allowed to lose during any period you choose. If you reach this limit, you will not be able to place any bet until your set-day time limit has passed.
  • Set up the maximum duration of your playing sessions. After this period has expired, you will be logged out of the website and your games in progress will be stopped.
  • Have a temporary break from your activities: your funds will be frozen until you return.
  • Retired from your activities: your account will definitely be locked.

All the limitations mentioned above can be set through your Space Fortuna account.

Any self-exclusion request will be valid only for the brand you are currently a member (https://spacefortuna1.com) and will not include other brands/websites operated by us and/or the same provider.

All limits and exclusion requests will be settled on your account once you’ve confirmed your request through the My Account section of our website. If you wish to modify your limit, a cool-down period of 24 hours will be set up before any change become effective.  


Gambling can become addictive and lead to very tough times and life-changing consequences. If you feel that gambling might be getting a bit too present in your life, check our following list of symptoms for compulsive gambling behaviour. If you or someone close to you can answer yes to at least one of the following questions, action should be taken immediately to avoid any further consequences.

  • Do you gamble alone for long periods?
  • Do you play right until your last cent?
  • Do you ever stay away from work, college or school to gamble?
  • Do you feel spending your “gambling money” on anything else is difficult?
  • Have you lost interest in interaction with family members or friends?
  • Did you stop practicing other pastimes due to gambling?
  • When experiencing a loss, do you need to try again straight away to get your money back?
  • Do you gamble to escape frustration, disappointments, arguments or boredom?
  • Have people ever criticized your gambling?
  • Have you ever lied to cover up the real amount you have played or the time you spent gambling?
  • If you play and run out of money, do you feel lost and need to gamble again as soon as possible?
  • Have you ever lied, stolen or borrowed money to gamble or to pay eventual gambling debts?
  • Do you ever feel depressed or suicidal because of your gambling?  

PROFESSIONAL HELP IS AVAILABLE – A good player knows his limits and when to get help

Many organizations can support or assist individuals who develop compulsive gambling problems. Our Space Fortuna team encourages using these self-help organizations in case of gambling addictions. You will find below the links to the main organizations: